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The land of graceful culture, exquisite beaches, volcanoes, islands and rice fields, at the eastern parts of the world, the blissful archipelago of the Philippines is known for its nonchalant lifestyle and a wide stretch of coastline perfect for water sports. With more than 7000 tropical island under the territory, Philippines is presently one of the most visited, adored and renowned countries in the South-East Asian region. With cities like Manila, Cebu, Davao, Cagayan De Oro, Iloilo, Kalibo, Angeles, Bohol and more, the Philippines has recently become the eye of attraction for voyagers from across the globe. As a result, the search for the

Philippines Travel Agents has reached to another level to book cheap flight tickets to Philippines.

Renowned for its history, waterfronts, blend of culture and picturesque islands, the Philippines have become a perfect escape for voyagers and travellers enjoy taking last minute flights to Philippines from the UK to explore the attractions scattered to this humongous archipelago located on the shores of South Chinese Sea, Philippine Sea and Sulu Sea. Island divisions Luzhou, Visayas and Mindanao covers all major and minor islands of the Philippines and have all the cities and metropolises under their territory. The undiscovered island range of the Philippines is among the most beautiful and enchanting places for voyagers as well as expert travellers tend to visit such sites with cheap flights from the UK to Philippines.

Book flights to Manila from the UK and experience the culture and modern lifestyle of the Philippines capital whilst getting a glimpse of the history and traditions living parallel with the current timeline. On the western shores of Metro Manila, this amazing metropolis have the features like no other. Fantastic shoreline on Manila Bay, tranquillizing atmosphere, adorable culture and majestic history make wanderers from across the globe to take cheap flights to Manila and explore the exquisite city that has earned so much fame in such a short time. The market places, culinary delights, religious places and nightlife of Manila will stun you by its diversity and attractions. Simply book cheapest flights to Manila and experience the delight of the Philippine epicentre whilst getting a gateway to many other surrounding and the neighbouring cities of the capital of the Philippines.

Philippines is also known for its potholing activities along with a number of other outdoor adventures. From kayaking to kite surfing, snorkelling, surfing, fishing, hiking and canoeing travellers can get to indulge as well as learn the adventures in the most amazing way. All you need is to book cheap flights to Philippines from London, UK and visit to the tropical rainforests and shoreline to experience all the adventures featured with the natural phenomenon of the Philippines. One of the leading producers of Coconuts, Philippines is blessed with a huge stretch of sandy beach shores and plenty wholesome backdrops. Hence, travel photographers and avid nature explorers book flights to Philippines using Philippines travel agencies and discover the enthralling natural bliss of this archipelago nation.

Philippine culture is majorly swayed from Spanish culture for being a Spanish colony for more than 300 years. As a result, the traditions, lifestyle and the culture of the Philippines is a combination of East and West and a big percentage of the total population is the Roman Catholic. This also makes Philippines one of the largest English speaking nations in the world Philippines is the home three of the top 10 largest malls in the world. Also, the largest Catholic university in terms of population is also situated in the Philippines.

Places to Visit in Philippines

• Kayangan Lake
• Mayon Volcano
• White Beach
• Ariel's Point
• Yapak Beach (Puka Shell Beach)
• Batad Rice Terraces
• Banaue Rice Terraces
• Heroes Cemetery
• Small Lagoon
• Barracuda Lake
• Tumalog Falls

Philippines is globally renowned for its huge coastline spread across more than 7100 islands with the length of approximately 36000 kilometers of discontinued coastline, which makes the nation the sixth nation in the world with the longest discontinued coastline in the world. Hence, travellers tend to book direct flights to Philippines from London, UK and discover the extraordinary shoreline of tropical islands and sandy beaches of the archipelago of the Philippines. The naturally divine Philippines is universally known for its rice cordilleras and a big number of volcanoes under its territory. A big part of the Philippines is filled with picturesque backdrops which offer a spellbinding and refreshing time close to nature to the voyagers travelling with Philippines flights from the UK.

Apart from the promising sites of the islands and Manila, there are plenty of other exquisite towns and cities that have been one of the most prominent hotspots for voyagers taking flight tickets to Philippines, including Cebu, Davao, Angeles, Iloilo, Laoag, Cagayan De Oro and many other towns that treasures the iconic history, exquisite culture and tremendous lifestyle of the Philippines. the exquisite Filipino culinary is also renowned across the globe for its freshness and nutrition.

Facts about Philippines

Capital: Manila
• Dialing code: +63
• ISO code: PHL
Currency: Philippine peso
• Official languages: English, Filipino
Population : 92, 337, 852 (2010 census)
• Largest city : Quezon City
• Ethnic groups (2010): 33.8% Visayan, 27.7% Tagalog, 9.8% Ilocano, 6.8% Bicolano, 5.1% Moro, 3.1% Kapampangan, 1.7% Igorot, 1.4% Pangasinense, 1.2% Chinese, 1.1% Zamboangueño, 1.1% Korean[3], 6.8% others

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