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Philippine time

1. What is Republic Act No. 10535?

It is "The Philippine Standard Time (PhST) Act of 2013". This law sets the PhST in all official sources throughout the country, provide funds for the installation, and maintenance of synchronized time devices to be displayed in key public places, and to declare the first week of every year as National Time Consciousness Week (NSTW)

The Philippine Standard Time has the acronym PhST to distinguish it from the Pacific Standard Time (PST).

2. When was it passed into law and who signed it?

3. What does it aim to promote?

The spirit behind the Philippine Standard Time touches on both technical and cultural aspects. The technical aspects aims to sync all time devices in the country so that its 7, 107 islands will have common time. Meanwhile, the cultural aspect aims to modify the so-called "Filipino time" (later than the scheduled time) attitude and develop the habit of being punctual as a show of respect to other people and to the value of time.

4. Where can the general public get the PhST?

The PhST is generally sourced from DOST-Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), the official time keeper of the country. Specifically, the PhST can be accessed from the PAGASA Astronomical Observatory, PAGASA Forecasting Center or the PAGASA ICT group;

Other institutions that can provide the PhST are the following:

- DOST agencies, and regional and provincial offices, including their wbsites;

- All PAGASA Regional and Field Stations;

- Internet, use of Network Time Protocol (NTP) Server System located in PAGASA website;

- Any of the National and Local government offices;

- Government and private television stations, and government and private radio stations;

- Other reliable means that provide accurate PhST.

5. Who are required to display and comply with the PhST?

The following should display the PhST:

- National government agencies including State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) and Government Owned and Controlled Corporations (GOCCs);

- Local Government Units;

- Government television and rdio stations;

- Private television and radio stations;

- Private corporations/ agencies;

- Peoples's organizations, non-government organizations and civil society groups.

- Airports, seaports, expressways; and government electronic boards and similar establishments.

At least once a month, all of these offices, through their information and communication technology units or the equivalent, shall coordinate with PAGASA's Time Service Unit to synchronize their official timepieaces and devices.

6. Who is tasked to monitor, maintain and disseminate the PhST?

PAGASA's Time Service Unit, in coordination with the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

7. What are the time devicces required to display PhST in acordance with the official time being provided by the PAGASA using its Network Time Protocol (NTP)?

Official time devices, including but limited to:

- bundy clocks

- displayed clocks

- chronomeers

- quartz clocks

Procurement of these time devices is supervised by the DOST, and the required specifications are issued PAGASA.

8. Where should the PhST displayed?

It should be prominently displayed in areas readily accesible to the general public.

9. Do all time devices have to be exactly in sync with the PhST?

Time deviation of plus (+) or minus (-) five (5) seconds with the PhST is acceptable.

10.Private television and radio stations are required to display and broadcast the PhST. What if they fail to calibrate and sychronize their time devices?

Broadcast stations that fail to comply with the requirements of PhST will have the following penalty:

*First Offense - Fine of not less than thirty thousand (Php 30, 000.00) pesos but not more that fifty thousand (Php 50, 000.00) pesos.

*Second Offense - Revocation and cancellation of franchise to operate

The collected penalty will be deposited in the general fund of the National Treasury.

11.What if the government employee or officer responsible for the implementation of the PhST fails to calibrate and synchronize the devices with PhST?

The employee or officer shall be administratively liable without prejudice to any civil or criminal liability that maybe appropriately imposed.

12.How will the PhST be promoted to Filipinos?

To promote awareness on the Philippine Standard Time, the government institutionalized the "National Time Consciouseness Week" to be celebrated yearly every first week of January.

PAGASA and the Science and Technology Information Institute (STII) of the DOST, in collaboration with government agencies, shall organize activities for the observance of the National Time Consciouseness Week (NSTW). Government agencies through the CSC shall be encouraged to issue the necessary guidelines to all government offices to follow the PhST.

In the celebration week, the pubic is likewise required to participate and cooperate in the activities, and encouraged to practice and promote a culture of punctuality and wise time management.

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The Visa Hour: Love Edition (Feb 15, 2-3pm Philippine time)
The Visa Hour: Love Edition (Feb 15, 2-3pm Philippine time)
philippines time lapse 2008
philippines time lapse 2008
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