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Work permit maximum fee: To be eligible for the maximum fee, a group of three or more performing artists and their staff must apply at the same time and same place. However, performing artists and their staff who also need a visa (temporary resident visa) still need to pay the appropriate fee for each individual. The maximum visa fee applies only to families. Open work permit: In most cases, you will have to pay the open work permit holder fee at the same time you pay the work permit fee.


Description CAN PHP
Individual 85 2, 925
Family 170 5, 855
Group of performing artist – 3 or more 255 8, 755

NOTE: If you need to give your biometrics, the $85 CAD biometric fee covers the VAC service charge. Additional VAC services are not covered.


Temporary Resident Permit 200 6, 900
Replacing a Visa 30 1, 040
50 1, 730

Payment Instruction

Methods of Payment differ from which mode you want to submit your application.

Method 1: If you plan to submit a Paper Application, pay visa fee and biometric fee (if applicable) as per instruction below.

Over the counter at any branch of UnionBank

Download applicable form below based on the visa category applying for, carry it along with you and visit the nearest branch of UnionBank to make the payment.

Pay thru online via IRCC website, print the confirmation of payment and include it in your paper application.

Method 2: If you plan to submit your application online follow instruction in Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website Apply online . If you are applying online, payment is done when you submit your application through MyCIC. This is the only way to pay for an online application.

In addition to the Government of Canada Fees, mandatory Core Service fee for VFS will be charged.


Service Charges for Application Handling: Effective 02 November 2015

Service CAD (Including VAT) Philippine Peso Php.(Including VAT)
Service Charge for Application Handling —
Price per Applicant*
$ 19.51 671Php

* Note: If you need to provide your biometrics, the biometric fee of $85 CAD covers the CVAC service charge for application handling. Service charges for additional services listed below are not covered.

Service Charges for Additional Services:

Self Service computer terminal for form filling —
Price per Applicant
$ 4.80 165Php
Assistance with filling in forms on self-service computer terminals —
Price per Applicant
$ 6.00 206 Php
Photocopy Services —
Price per Page
$ 0.10 3Php
Photography Services at CVAC —
Price per Person
$ 2.02 69Php
Courier Delivery of Applications to Applicant, upon receipt from visa office
— Price per Applicant
$ 8.29 285Php
SMS notifications $ 2.00 68Php
Secure transmission of passport to the Embassy of Canada in Makati City, Philippines upon request by visa office (for example, electronic application) — Price per Passport $ 15.61 537Php
PR Document Transmission Service – Price per Applicant $ 8.54 293Php

Methods of Payment

Payment Instructions for CVAC Service Charges In person- Cash at CVAC in Philippine Peso or Managers cheque in exact amount acquired from any Philippines local banks, made payable to "VFS Services Phils. Pvt. Inc. By Mail- Bank Draft or Managers cheque in Philippine Peso in exact amount, acquired from any Philippines local banks and was made payable to "VFS Services Phils. Pvt. Inc. List of types of payment accepted at the CVAC for Service Charges
    Cash over the counter at CVAC Bank Draft or Manager's cheque in Philippine Peso acquired from any local banks in Philippines made payable to "VFS Services Phils. Pvt. Inc
Payment Instructions for Visa Fees: Pay Government of Canada Visa fees as per instructions on the CIC website Pay your fees
Canada Announces No Visa Policy for Filipino Caregivers
Canada Announces No Visa Policy for Filipino Caregivers
Do citizens of the Philippines need a visa for Canada?
Do citizens of the Philippines need a visa for Canada?
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