Best places to visit Philippines

batanesA lot of solo travelers–including those who only traveled alone out of necessity and not by choice–have their own special places they consider their favorite.

These destinations could be friendly to solo travelers for a number of reasons, from having a number of budget accommodation options, to being safe for solo travelers.

I have asked a few bloggers what their favorite solo travel destination is in the Philippines, and they came up with a varied list. Here are their choices (including mine):


One of my all-time favorite destinations in the Philippines as a solo traveler is Batanes. I had previously considered it inaccessible because of its location–going there was too expensive for me as a budget traveler.

However, I’ve had a chance to go there by myself last June, and I learned that it’s possible to enjoy its beauty without spending a ton.

Check out my posts on Batanes: How to Travel Cheaply in Batanes and Batanes–The Beautiful North Batan Island. Look for a guesthouse / homestay / hotel in Batanes here.

Biri Island, Samar

Marky Ramone Go of Nomadic Experiences loved Biri Island in Northern Samar. He says:

The rock formation on Biri Island presents an out-of-this-planet terrain. I went there solo and with only my local guide as my companion. I felt lonely sometimes, wishing I was sharing the experience with friends. However, my indescribable surroundings brought forth a sense of realization that “the greatest of men are the most lonely, ” especially within these rock formations of Biri.


Grasya Bangoy chose Bohol, the island province in the Visayas region. I’ve been there a few times and I agree that it is highly recommended, both for solo and non-solo travelers. (Check out one of my posts: Taking the Plunge in Danao Adventure Park) Grasya says:

I have relatives in Bohol and have stayed and traveled solo in the beautiful island for a few months so I can say it is really safe here. They have a small population in some rural areas so local people know each other, making it safe for visitors.

biri-islandThe disadvantage for solo travelers is there are not so many hotels and guesthouses are catering to solo backpackers. There’s not a lot of nightlife, too, which I don’t really mind. If you don’t have a vehicle of your own or don’t know how to drive a motorbike, you can’t go around that easily as well. However, there are always other means of transportation to go around, and you can rent a car as well.

Despite everything, I would still love to recommend Bohol for solo travelers.

Check out one of her posts on Bohol: The Witch Island in Anda, Bohol. Look for a hotel in Bohol here.


Eileen Campos of The Super Tourists chose a destination that I wouldn’t have considered for solo travel. She sees Boracay, which has been called the best island in the world, as her top solo travel destination. She says:

I learned how to travel solo in the latter part of 2011 when a travel buddy backed out at the last minute. It was either my stubbornness in not wanting to waste all that preparation or my persistence in traveling that got me through the whole trip – it’s still pretty much undecided. Since then, I have been comfortable traveling on my own and my favorite solo destination in the Philippines, by far, would have to be Boracay.

I’ve gone enough times to have checked off the tourist-y stuff there is to do and I just usually spend my time to either relax at Angol Point with a good book and dollar cocktails or to party it up with Boracay Pub Crawl. I have no problem dining alone so I am able to enjoy each delicious bite of my meals in my favorite restaurants such as Crafty’s Rooftop and Dos Mestizos. Sometimes, glasses of wine or bottles of beer keep me company and I’m satisfied with that.

aleah-tarsierBoracay is a good place to enjoy your own company and unwind from the pressures of work and city life. On the other hand, Boracay is also just as awesome when it comes to making new friends and world connections.

It is in Boracay, through the top-rated Boracay Pub Crawl, that I got to know Rohima and Rahul from India, Andy from Sri Lanka, Jamie from La Union and a whole bunch of other new friends who I still keep in contact after Boracay.

So whatever mood you’re in, an anti-social Twilight female protagonist mood or a Van Wilder, Party Liaison, kind of mood – there will be something for you in Boracay.

Boracay for me will always be a party place, best to be enjoyed with a partner or a friend. However, I may check it out as a solo traveler soon, as Eileen makes a good case that it’s also nice to be savored alone!

Going to Boracay soon? Find hotels in Boracay here.


Beautiful mountains, cool breeze, lush forest, icy cold waterfalls, ethnic tribes, fresh tropical fruits, and friendly locals–these are what you will experience when you go to the beautiful province of Bukidnon. It’s my favorite province in the Philippines, primarily because its scenery is so wonderful and diverse!

In Bukidnon, you will experience a relaxed, countryside life. Being mountainous and forested, the climate there is so comfortable, too.

boracayMy father’s family came from Bukidnon (Malaybalay and Valencia), and I have been there several times, so I certainly agree with Regin!

If you’re going to Bukidnon, you can look for hotels in Bukidnon here.

Dinagat Islands, Surigao del Norte

Jerik de Guzman of Pinoy Boy Journals waxes lyrical about Dinagat Islands where he had an opportunity to drink tuba with the locals. He says:

I’ve been to many places but I can honestly say that Dinagat Islands is by far the most exotic province I’ve ever been to. Spending an afternoon in the far out Cabil-an Group of Islands was an unforgettable experience, one that I could tell my children and my children’s children.

The two plane rides, one ferry boat ride, two motorcycle rides and a small wooden canoe ride I had taken to get to this place was very much worth it. The country’s newest province just reinforced my reason why I travel solo in the first place.

If you haven’t been down south, why not check out this Island that Jerik’s so fond of?

El Nido, Palawan

El Nido in Palawan is a dream place. I’ve seen photos of it from magazines and websites and it was enough for me to pursue my first week-long solo trip.

Going there can be arse, but it’s worth the sacrifice! I was able to meet new friends during the island hopping tour and the scenery from my hostel made me feel inspired to write. Add the fact that the locals are helpful and friendly!

The above video about El Nido and Puerto Princesa is by Dax Victorino. Seeing it made me wish I can go back there soon. El Nido is so unforgettable for me. Find hotels in El Nido here.

Limasawa Island, Leyte

My favorite solo travel destination in the Philippines is Limasawa Island. Going there is an adventure in itself, but meeting the caring and hospitable locals who will greet you upon your arrival makes everything worth it.

I love Limasawa Island primarily because of its beautiful white beaches, great diving and snorkeling sites, and its caves. It is also the site of the First Mass in the Philippines and the First Cross Monument can be found on the summit of the island’s highest hill. Its lighthouse which is strategically located on the side of a hill is also worth exploring!

I haven’t been to Limasawa Island yet, but it will certainly be included in my bucket list! Just the mention of beaches and caves is already enough to convince me. Read Ephraim’s post: The Solo Trip to Limasawa Island.


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