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The Visayas is an island group in the Philippines, sub-divided into three non-administrative regions; Central, Eastern and Western. Located in central Philippines, Visayas is home to many beautiful and pristine white sand beaches. Its colorful history begun with the earliest migration of the Malays from mainland Asia and the discovery of Ferdinand Magellan during his last voyage crossing the vast Pacific Ocean.

The Visayas is home to major religious and cultural festivals in the Philippines such as Ati-atihan Festival, Dinagyang Festival, and Sinulog Festival during the month of January, the Pintados Festival every June and the MassKara Festival during month of October.

The world famous island resort of Boracay is located in the western part while diving site of Malapascua island is at the central part. Other famous landmarks such as Chocolate Hills of Carmen, Bohol, San Juanico Bridge of Leyte are located in the Visayas. Limasawa Island is where the first mass in the Philippines was held by Ferdinand Magellan.

Pasasalamat festival


Note:Palawan is not part of Visayas

  • Iloilo — the regional center of Western Visayas and the capital of Iloilo province. It is the home of Dinagyang Festival
  • Cebu — the regional center of Central Visayas and the capital of the island province of Cebu. It anchors the sprawling Metro Cebu urban center. It is home of the famous Sinulog Festival and the Magellan Shrine. It is nicknamed the 'Queen City of the South"
  • Tacloban — the regional center of Eastern Visayas and the capital of the province of Leyte. It is home of the famous Pintados Festival and the San Juanico Bridge that connects Leyte island to Samar Island


There are three major local dialects in the Visayas group of islands; Waray, Cebuano, and Ilonggo. Waray is widely spoken and the dominant dialect in Eastern Visayas and spoken from Samar island to northern part of Leyte and parts of Biliran. Cebuano is widely spoken in Central Visayas including Southern Leyte, parts of Biliran and eastern part of Negros island. Ilonggo is widely spoken in Panay island, Guimaras island and western part of Negros. There are other local dialects in the Visayas such as Inabaknon in Capul Island while Karay-a and Hiligaynon are spoken in some parts of Panay Island. Despite differences in local dialects, the Visayan people speaks and understands Tag-alog and English.

English: Good morning! Waray: Maupay nga aga! Cebuano: Maayong buntag! Ilonggo: Maayong aga!

English: Good afternoon! Waray: Maupay nga kulop! Cebuano: Maayong hapon! Ilonggo: Maayong hapon!

Get around[edit]


  • Ati-atihan Festival (January)
  • Dinagyang Festival (January)
  • Sinulog Festival (January)
  • Pintados Festival (June)
  • MassKara Festival (October)


  • San Juanico Bridge
  • Magellan's Shrine
  • Magellan's Cross

Natural Spots

  • Chocolate Hills
  • Langun-Gobingob Caves
  • Sogod Bay
  • Danao Lake


  • East-Central-West (Route 1)
  1. Fly to Catarman, Samar Island
  2. Bus ride to Tacloban City, Leyte Island
  3. Bus ride to Ormoc City, Leyte Island
  4. Ride ferry to cross to Cebu City, island of Cebu
  5. Ride ferry to cross to Tagbilaran City, Bohol Island
  6. Ride ferry to cross to Dumaguete City, Negros Island
  7. Bus ride to Bacolod City, Negros Island
  8. Ride ferry to cross to Iloilo City, Panay Island
  9. Bus ride to Caticlan
  10. Boat ride to Boracay and back to Caticlan
  11. Fly out Caticalan Airport
  • East-Central-West (Route 2)
  1. Bus ride to Sogod, Southern Leyte
  2. Ride ferry to cross to Ubay, Bohol Island
  3. Bus ride to Tagbilaran City
  4. Ride ferry to cross to Cebu City
  5. Ride ferry to cross to Iloilo City, Panay Island,


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