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Best beaches in Bohol

Map of Beaches on BoholProbably the only drawback of the beach are the large numbers of sea urchins that inhabit the water, starting some twenty or thirty meters out of the coast. You will just have to be careful when wading.

Don't forget to bring your snorkeling equipment. When you swim about one hundred meters off the beach, you will reach the edge of the 'house' reef, at between three and five meters deep, and thus can be easily observed even without scuba equipment. If you are into scuba diving, though, don't forget to have a few dives here as well, as it is certainly worth it, not bad at all, even compared with the reefs the boats will bring you to.

Dumaluan Beach, also on the south of the island, is about two and half kilometers east of Alona Beach. Here you will find some of the more exclusive beach resorts of Bohol, such as the Bohol Beach Club.

Bikini Beach is about eight kilometers from Tagbilaran, and hence a popular location for local pick-nickers.

Momo Beach is on the north side of Panglao. This again is a shallow beach.

Doljo Beach (pronounced 'Dolho' beach) is on the Northwest of the island, not far from Momo beach, and is also a nice beach, mostly free from sea-grasses. This beach is known for the beautiful sea shells that can be found here.

Southern Coast

Between Tagbilaran and Anda.

Eastern Coast

Between Anda and Lapinin Island.

Northern Coast

Between Lapinin Island and Jeta Fe.

Western Coast

Between Jeta Fe and Tagbilaran.

Jeroen Hellingman

Daniel wrote:

Seriously, people saying Panglao is a nice place haven't been travelling much or they just have a really low sense of whats beautiful and nice. For example, how the hell can people say that Alona Beach is so nice? Its a crappy really worthless beach full of boats and seaweed. Only one small spot on one side of the beach where you can be. And the rest of the beaches is not worth visiting at all. You have to take a boat tour to go to other islands from Panglao to reach the beaches you've seen in the pictures. I would not recommend anyone to go to Panglao if they want beach life and just relax and enjoy.


This is a MUST VISIT attraction in Bohol. Fine white sand beaches in Bolod and Alona Area.

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Simon wrote:

Beautiful beaches. Beautiful country. It is hard to imagine how the native visitors to the beaches (and mountains and forests) in bohol have a tidy clean up policy. Because everywhere I have been in phils plastic and polystyrene non biodegradable junk is dumped everywhere. Only hope this can be fixed through responsible education this generation. Im gonna take my first trip to bohol next couple weeks, I know the people and place will be great. Lets see about the garbage on the beach AGAIN

Jim c wrote:

I have been to alona beach twice this year, and never saw any rubbish dumped. when you go down the hill and onto the beach, turn left and walk past all the cafe's etc and you will not find any rubbish. can I ask you roger just what beach did you go it was NOT alona beach.

Roger wrote:

The most pulluted beach are Bikini Beach. I use to call it Basura Beach. No one can take a bath there. See for your self.

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